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Common Questions
When is the office open?

Monday – Friday
9:00am – 5:00pm*

*Please keep an eye on emails received from us announcing changes to the opening hours. (Staff absence, holidays, etc.)

Can I Borrow Over the weekend?

You cannot pickup or return items on the weekend, however you can collect equipment Friday and return it Monday. This is because the office is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

What happens if I return equipment late?

Students returning equipment late will receive a fine of $20 PER DAY (at the beginning of each 24 hour period the equipment is late).

This means if a student is due to return equipment on Tuesday at 3pm, and they return it Wednesday at 9am they will need to pay a fine.

We hope that we don’t have to issue any fines. The system is in place so that students are not disadvantaged by others who would otherwise return equipment late.

Can I access the borrowing system at home?


Yes. As of Semester 2, 2015, you can now access the booking system from outside of Swinburne’s network. (Hooray!)

I can't log in to the booking system

Do you have an account? You should have signed up for an account during a tutorial early in the semester. Accounts are only given to certain subjects, so if you are not enrolled in a subject that allows access to the equipment, you will not be able to create an account.

Please note that accounts are deleted at the end of each semester. If you had an account in a previous semester, you must enrol again this semester.

Your password MAY NOT be the same as your normal login password (unless you’ve changed it to be the same).

The DEFAULT password is “1234”. Please try this first if you haven’t logged in before.

If you’re sure you have a valid account but can’t login (you’ve forgotten your password) please send an email from your student email address to and we will reset it for you.

Why can I only see some equipment to borrow and not all of it?

While we would love to give everyone open access to all equipment, unfortunately this is not possible.

Higher-end and more specialised equipment is generally only available to third year or masters students. If the subject you’re enrolled in doesn’t require certain equipment, then you generally will not have access to borrow it.

For example: if you’re enrolled in a radio subject, you won’t be able to borrow DSLR cameras.

Again, this is to ensure that there is enough equipment to service all classes, and that only students with proper experience are able to access more complex and expensive gear.

Which labs have suitable digital media software installed?

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suit is available in the following labs:

  • AS405
  • AS407
  • AS409
  • ATC325
  • EN301
  • EN302
Do I need to supply batteries?

While there are some exceptions, batteries will generally be supplied with equipment borrowed from the FHAD Digital Media Production office.

Batteries will generally be charged, but please do not rely on this.

Many devices use AA batteries. We will supply rechargeable AAs with devices. If the batteries run flat, feel free to purchase and use your own batteries but DO NOT throw away the batteries that came with the device.

You will be asked to replace any missing batteries with identical parts.

None of my subjects use AV equipment, can I still borrow?

If your tutor hasn’t asked you to fill out the sign-up questionnaire, then it’s likely they don’t require any AV gear in their subject. If this is the case, then normally you will not be able to borrow equipment. This is to ensure that there is enough gear for the classes that DO require it.

Exceptions may be made is special circumstances, but will require a request in writing from your tutor.

I'm having a problem with x, can I book a time with you to get some help?

We are happy to meet with students who are having video or audio related production issues. We can’t promise we can fix your problem, but it’s likely we can steer you in the right direction.

Please send an email to to organise a time.

Please note that we can NOT assist with computer related problems. Please contact ITS on 9214 5000 for computer related issues.

Do I need to wear a hi-viz vest?

You do not require a hi-viz vest UNLESS you are filming in a group of 5 or more on campus. You can get a hi-viz vest from AS403.

Please click here to download a detailed map of where a vest is required to be worn.