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Lapel - Sony UWP-D16 Wireless Kit


The Sony ECM-44B is a professional lapel microphone. Great for talking head shots.


Kit Items

Sony UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner URX P03 Wireless Microphone Reciever Pack

Sony ECM-44B microphone case

UTX-P03 Plug-on transmitter

6x AA Eneloop Pro Batteries

Sony Wireless Lapel Microphone Holder Clip

Sony ECM-44B microphone case

Sony Wireless Microphone XLR BMP Cable

Sony Wireless mini BMP Cable 3.5mm

Sony Wireless Omni directional lavalier microphone

Sony Wireless Pack AA Battery Holder

Sony Wireless Pack clip

Sony Wireless Shoe Mount Adapter

Sony Wireless UTX P03 Soft Case

Pelican 1150 Case (Kit 6 uses 1200 case)

This equipment is available to the following groups




Masters students


Undergraduate students

of these are owned by the production office.

Please visit to booking system here to see how many are currently available to borrow.

Other Details


You can view the product manual here.  

Product Page

You can view the product page here.

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This item has a replacement value of:


Special Notes

You must use legal frequencies while using this product. Frequencies will be set when borrowing. If you need to use a difference frequency due to interference, please consult this, this, and this site for frequency information. Please speak with staff if you intend to use a frequency other than the one already set up.

Videos & Tutorials


Sony’s UWP-D Series of Professional Wireless Microphones by Sony Professional Asia Pacific