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BlackMagic Production Camera 4k

BlackMagic Production Camera 4k

This camera is available for students doing high-end video work and projects. It can shoot in 4k (Ultra HD). The camera kit does NOT come with any lenses. You will need to borrow a lens when borrowing this kit.

Kit Items

BlackMagic Production Camera 4k with Ikan Handles, Rails, Power Cable, Base Plate & Battery Plate (do not separate)

IDX V-Lock Battery

PortaBrace Bag

Screen Hood

Camera Sensor Cap

Kingston 240GB SSD

IDX V-Lock Battery Charger Plate Power Adapter

Camera Charger Pack

IDX V-Lock Battery Charger Plate

Astone Hard Drive Dock Power Adapter

Astone Hard Drive Dock

USB 3 Cable

This equipment is available to the following groups




Masters students studying video subjects


Undergraduate digital media/games students doing capstone projects

of these are owned by the production office.

Please visit to booking system here to see how many are currently available to borrow.

Other Details


You can view the product manual here.

Product Page

You can view the product page here.

Also consider borrowing:

  • Vinten Blue Tripod
  • A Lens
  • Reflector
  • Lighting Kit
  • Audio Recorder
  • Microphone

This item has a replacement value of:


Special Notes

Ensure you format the SSD for your chosen OS before shooting.

If you are on a Mac, format for HFS+

If you are on Windows, format for ExFAT.

We suggest shooting in ProRes HQ format. You will need a high end computer to edit the material from this camera.

Videos & Tutorials


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