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Canon 600D

Canon 600D


The Canon 600D is a great little SLR for stills and video. It comes with a 50mm prime (non-zoom) lens that works well in low light and for achieving shallow depth-of-field shots.

Kit Items

Canon 600D

DSLR Camera Bag

Canon LC-E8E Battery Charger

Canon LP-E8 Battery Pack

Figure 8 Power Cable

SD Memory Card

USB to Mini USB Cable

Canon Lens Cap 52mm

Canon 50mm f/1.8 Lens

This equipment is available to the following groups




Students studying video or photographic subjects

of these are owned by the production office.

Please visit to booking system here to see how many are currently available to borrow.

Other Details


You can view the product manual here.

Product Page

You can view the product page here.

Also consider borrowing:

  • Photographic Tripod
  • Additional Lenses (Available to Post Graduate students)
  • Flash
  • Reflector

This item has a replacement value of:


Special Notes


Videos & Tutorials


Changing a lens on a Canon DSLR