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MetaBones EF to E-Mount SpeedBooster

The MetaBones EF to E-Mount SpeedBooster is an adapter that allows you to mount EF lenses (Canon type) onto an E-mount (Sony) video camera.

Kit Items

MetaBones EF to E-Mount SpeedBooster

Pelican Hard Case

MetaBones EF to E-Mount SpeedBooster Lens Caps

This equipment is available to the following groups




Masters students studying video subjects


Undergraduate digital media/games students doing capstone projects

of these are owned by the production office.

Please visit to booking system here to see how many are currently available to borrow.

Other Details



Product Page

You can view the product page here.

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This item has a replacement value of:


Special Notes

This adapter can be a little difficult to mount. Be careful not to break anything when mounting or dismounting this adapter.

Videos & Tutorials


Metabones Speed Booster Review: Strength and Weaknesses of Canon EF Adapter for Sony E-mount by Alex Koloskov