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TV Studio - BA311

The TV studio features a traditional live switching setup and is ideal for producing talking-head style video quickly.

Studio Spaces

Main Studio

Control Room

This studio is available to the following groups




Approved students completing relevant work. Must be approved by Media Production staff.

of these are run by the production office.

Please visit to booking system here to see how many are currently available to borrow.

Other Details


You can view the product manual here.

Product Page


Also consider borrowing:

  • Microphone

This item has a replacement value of:


Special Notes

There is no eating or drinking in the studio.

You will need to bring a Mac formatted (HFS+) hard drive with you in order to take away your recorded video.

The studio must be returned to its “default” layout at the completion of your shoot.

Request a booking

In order to access the TV studio, you need to do 3 things. First, watch the TV Studio induction video below. Then complete the induction questionnaire (and get at least 13/15 correct). Finally, make a booking request using the link below. You must allow AT LEAST 1 week notice for studio bookings.

Please note that studio staff may not approve a booking if the production is deemed unsuitable for the studio. Please give us a call or send us an email if you want to check beforehand that the studio will be suitable for your production.

TV Studio Induction Video

To complete the TV Studio Induction please click this link.

Booking Request Form

To request a booking, please click this link.

Studio Exit Form

This form must be completed at the conclusion of the booking. To complete the form, click this link.